If We Truly Are Vigilant...


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Here we are. All of us together.

We have come to a point in history where we find that our desire to do good is thwarted by an acute case of self-obsession.

We are in slavery, our taskmaster, comfort. We dare not make way to the promised land knowing full well that between us and that place lies wilderness, lies difficulty, lies hardship.

Who am I to say such things?

I am one of the many who, as I have laid down at night, has wondered about my silence. I’ve wondered about the girl who unwillingly has someone on top of her at the moment I drift off to sleep, safe and sound. I wonder about who the children could have been that are sacrificed on the altar of self-preservation and emotional security.  And I am frightened and sickened by my own silence, by my own apathy.

We are sheep. We sense that we are vulnerable. We don’t want to go out amongst the wolves. But the moment we said, “Yes” to Jesus was the moment we were sent. The One who loves us sends us into imminent danger.  For if our lives are truly found in Him they cannot be taken from us.  

Our greatest potential is realized when we lay them down. When we realize that there are some things that are more important than being safe. (Tweet This)

What can I do?

How many times have I asked myself this question? Too many to count.

If I cannot be inconvenienced enough to get on my face and pray for those who are daily murdered and taken advantage of then I won’t bother to do anything else.

Prayer is the single most effective act to bring change. (Tweet This)

It draws us to repentance. It leads us to action.

Movements are born out of prayer. As we call upon the God of justice and mercy we cannot help but be moved to justice and mercy.

If we have been saved we have been called to seek justice.

To my shame, many times I have heard the call to prayer but I have not answered.

I am letting you know because I cannot do it alone. Would you join me?  Would you be moved with me? Would you rend your heart? And feel the call to action? Would you repent right along with me?

If we truly are vigilant then we cannot remain silent.


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- WeAreTheVigilant 


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