Welcome to WATV: A Quick Introduction

Much like you, we're striving to be better at how we share our gifts and who we share them with. We write about the common struggles of what it means to live out our faith in God. We also like to talk about our passion to create and the challenges we face in making things that matter. Sometimes, we even write about stuff that may not neatly fit into one of these categories.

We began writing here with some compelling questions: 

  • How do we live healthy, spiritual lives without losing our minds? 
  • How can we highlight those who have leveraged their gifts for the glory of God?
  • What are ways to enhance our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking? 
  • How can we better serve others and reach a generation?

We are all about sharing in the journey and transferring our knowledge and findings to others. 

This site is where we stake our claim in the battle against comfort and normality. Through this megaphone, you'll find a freshly brewed content on a regular basis. 


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this is the "hey-our-kids-wouldn't-smile-but-you-can-still-know-what-we-all-kinda-look-normal" photo. They're sweet girls. We promise :)

this is the "hey-our-kids-wouldn't-smile-but-you-can-still-know-what-we-all-kinda-look-normal" photo. They're sweet girls. We promise :)

Still Wanna Know More About Us?

We're Matt and Casey Shirley.

Two people whom we'd likely describe (ourselves) as passionate, kinda artsy, and strikingly normal.

We have two amazing daughters, Rivers and Quinlynn.

We love Jesus and people. We really like root beer, ethnic foods, and the occasional family adventure. Our desire to reach a generation with God's love is pretty serious, so we started this blog. We do hope you like it and if so, please take a moment to share it with someone you care about.

We don't claim to be experts and chances are, you might not even agree with everything we say. That's okay. If by some chance through the course of our interaction, we happen to reclaim the lost art of conversation, then that makes us very happy. It might even make us friends. Here's hoping...

- We Are The Vigilant

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