who is watv

Much like you, we're striving to be better at how we share our gifts and who we share them with. We write about the common struggles of what it means to live out our faith in God. We also like to talk about our passion to create and the challenges we face in making things that matter. Sometimes, we even write about stuff that may not neatly fit into one of these categories.

This site is where we stake our claim in the battle against comfort and normality. Through this megaphone, you'll find a freshly brewed content on a regular basis. 


speaking engagements

Speaking is such a passion of ours and we love to share with others. Whether its kids, students or adults, chances are, we've probably done it.

Since we are full-time pastors, it helps us to have an idea on what details your event includes. If you’d like to have us speak at your conference or event, please click the link below: